Good Life Performance Ryan Daniel

Spatial Experience

Prior to this play, I had never been inside Constans Theatre. It was extremely nice and actually larger than I expected. The seats were very comfortable to sit and watch the play in. As a result of arriving slightly early, I had seats that were close to the stage. Right as the play started, actors came out and were within arms reach. This made me feel immersed in the play as it occurred. As the lights dimmed, everyone was silent and respectful. In my opinion, the role of place in the good life is all what you make of it. Even though I lucked out with a good seat, I could have dozed off or not payed attention to the play. Instead, I enjoyed the play and would definitely return for another.

Social Experience

I attended the play with my friend Alina. I had a busy day before the play so it was nice to relax for a few hours. We both had never been in Constans Theatre before so I'm glad I had her to go with to help figure things out. Attending with friends helped my experience because I always have more fun with others than doing things alone. Shared experiences pertain to my personal good life because I enjoy making memories with friends and recalling them later on.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The central issue addressed during the performance was two seminarians sent to stop a performance from happening. This showed the attempt at censorship and oppression from the church during the early 1900s. One seminarian was from an poverty stricken family and the other was raised with a silver spoon. Before attending the play, I knew how much power the church had over people in the early 1900s. The subject matter doesn't have much of a relationship to things happening in my life.

The Emotional Experience

A touchy subject that was faced during the play was the two seminarians not being "ideal" people in what most would think of church representatives. One had been in fights, stole silverware, and even lied. The other was going behind the Archbishop's back and admiring the performer even though he was sent to have it shut down. This play provided Katharsis as it gave an opportunity for the characters in the play to become what they truly wanted for the ultimate good life.


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