Holidaying the importance of Holidays

Holiday is the time to get away from work and school. Some people like to spend their down time in a different place, while others prefer to spend the time at home doing what they like. I will outline the benefits of spending holidays away in order to prove that it has more positive outcomes rather than just staying at home, focusing on the aspects of health, creativity, and productivity.

One of the benefits of spending holidays traveling is to help you sleep better. When you go somewhere far away from home with family or friends, do some sightseeing or activities, and stay in a different place, you can sleep better during and after the trip. For example, when I travelled with one of my friends for five days, I could sleep earlier and deeper than usual. Normally I am likely to sleep till noon and end up not sleeping at night. On the other hand, during the trip we needed to get up early around six or seven in the morning to be on time for a coach and a cruise that we had booked, and also we did some activities like hiking, snorkelling, swimming at beach. Because of this, I could get to sleep straight away at the end of each day during the trip. Also, I managed to fix my unhealthy sleeping habit after coming back from the trip.

Another benefit of spending holidays away is to increase your creativity and productivity. When you are away from the normal circumstance, experiencing something new, such as people, culture, and cuisine, in a different place, you can gain a fresh perspective on something that you have been working on recently. Therefore, when you get back to work from holidays, you can see things in a different way or identity what is important by recharging during holidays away.

In conclusion, holidaying in a different place can make you healthier and more productive and creative by doing some activities or experiencing new things. I believe that we should go away on holidays for life and work.

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