EHS Safety Training 2020 HuskyCT Update

Where are my EHS courses?

Today the University launched an updated version of Blackboard (HuskyCT). How will this affect the online safety training you’ve registered to complete? This brief tutorial will give you tips to successfully navigate the new HuskyCT to find, complete, and check your scores on EHS training.

Finding EHS Safety Training

All EHS classes are now listed under the “Organizations” tab, NOT the “Courses” tab.
If you are registered as a participant for several courses, you may have to increase the items per page at the top,
or scroll to the bottom of the first page and click over to the next page. HuskyCT no longer shows an unlimited number of “organization” sites in a single view.
You can choose to see the courses you’re participating in as a list
or as a collection of thumbnails.

Completing Safety Training

Once you get into your EHS safety training course, it will mostly look and function the same as it always has. The icons have been updated, but this won’t change your experience.

Confirming 100% Score

Checking your safety training exam scores is now easier than ever. Just visit the “Grades” tab to confirm you passed by earning 100%.
Remember that you need to earn 100% on the exam to earn credit for completing the course. *This is true of every course except the new Bloodborne Pathogens Retraining that requires 33%.
If you didn’t achieve a 100% score, you need to retake the exam to earn credit.


If you have any questions or concerns about your EHS safety training, as always, we're here to help.
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