Izumo - 出雲 Wonderful Japan

If people think about Izumo, the first idea is Izumo-Taisha, even this shrine is a must visit place, but there is so much more to see and enjoy. I spent just 4 days in Izumo and I found it's not enough to enjoy all the exciting things this area has to offer.

Izumo-Taisha - 出雲大社

Izumo-Taisha is one of the most holly places in Japanese Shinto. It's the home of the major god (Kami). No record gives a date of build, it's hidden is the mystical past of this area.

Hinomisaki-Schrein - 日御碕神社

Like I wrote the most famous place in Izumo is for sure Izumo-Taisha, but there are really a big amount of other shrine and temple which really interesting to visit. For me Hinomisaki-Shrine was really impressive and I enjoyed this quite place with this wonderful Shrine.

Izumo Hinomisaki lighthouse

I was so excited to visit Izumo-Taisha and Hinomisaki-Shrine, but visiting the Hinomisaki lighthouse and the the coastline near by blew my mind. For sure I was lucky with the weather. Some stormy weather condition made the ocean so wild and the clouds were fighting with the sun. I really forgot that it was freezing cold and the time was melting and I enjoyed this rough wonderful coast line. I guess my photos can't show what exciting wonderful time I had.

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