Planet Fitness Brennan and John

Planet fitness is just a little larger than Earth, with a radius of 4000 miles, compared to Earth's radius of 3959 miles. Planet Fitness is also closer to it's star than Earth is to the Sun. Earth is 92.96 million miles away from the Sun, and our planet is only 90 million miles away from its star. Gravity on Planet fitness is also 50% greater than the gravity on Earth, so people would weigh more here.
The days on Planet Fitness are longer than the days on Earth, lasting about 36 hours. In addition, since the Earth is closer to its parent star, its year is shorter, only taking 300 days.
Our planet would have a 15 degree tilt of it's axis, so there would still be seasons, but they would be less harsh. Because of this, the climate would be generally the same throughout the year, with the temperature only ranging from 45-85 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, no matter your location on the planet.
Also, our planet has two moons, Cardio and Yoga, so at times the tides would be very high.

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