Another 10 Things to do While in Quarantine By Cate Weiser and Scarlett London

While stuck in your houses, you might be trying to think of something productive to do. After this is over, we will want to say that we did not waste our time. We know how hard it can be to get out of bed everyday, so to help you feel more motivated, we compiled another 10 things that you can do to stay active and healthy during quarantine.

1. Photography

This is a really good time to think about what you love. Photography is a great way to capture an object or a person that means a lot to you. Having a photoshoot or even just taking photos while walking around nature are great ways to remind you why life is so beautiful and worth living.

2. Try a new skill!

Spend time trying to teach yourself something new. It occupies your time and can be rewarding. Try things like coding, painting, or cooking! Check online for instructional videos, courses and applications. Many online programs such as Adobe offer free trials for their applications.

3. Build a fort!

Get mattresses, blankets, and pillows, and construct an indoor fortress!! Bring food, a laptop, and even more blankets for a movie night, take a nap, bring school work for a fun study session, or just spend some time away from an annoying sibling!

4. Write reviews with your friends!

Use the abundance of time on your hands to watch tv shows or movies, read books, or listen to albums. Make slideshows with your friends and review the content. When someone asks for a new movie to watch, you can send them your review!

Photo by Ebba Gurney

5. Virtual Park Tours!

Always wished to see the grand canyon? The national park service has many virtual tours of their parks, complete with 360 degree views of your surroundings, and guides to show you around!


6. Write a letter to your future self

Write yourself a letter for a month, two months or a year away. Talk about your dreams and your wishes. Write down what you’re experiencing now in your life; looking back on how life used to be can inspire hope for the future.

7. Watch a movie!

Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime offer one month of free watching. There are thousands of different movies and tv shows to watch; for some recommendations, check out CHS Communicator's Arts and Entertainment Section.

8. Get nostalgic

Watch movies and tv shows, play video games, or watch YouTubers you watched when you were younger. It can be comforting to think back to when you were little.

9. Start a youtube channel, instagram, or blog!

If you are passionate about something, or just have something to say that you think the world should know, share it! All you need is wifi and some form of social media!

10. Write a short story, poem, or song!

These are all great ways of channelling any creative energy that you might have been building up over the past few weeks.

Of course, keep reaching out to friends and family. They can be really helpful during this time. Remember to call and facetime anyone who you enjoy talking to, especially if some of them have been quieter lately. Make an effort to get dressed and wake up before noon. Try to establish some sort of routine. This will do wonders for your mental health. School work can be hard, but making an effort is very important, so do your best, and don't worry if you can't do everything!


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