Become a Dynamic Speaker! with Christy Demetrakis

3 of every 4 people have a fear of public speaking, or “would rather not.” This means the majority of your employees do not achieve the maximum business results due to a lack of confidence in their presentation skills.

If your employees are not able to present their ideas in a way that gets to "yes,"

If your employees tend to read from their slides instead of presenting the information in an engaging way,

If you want your business results to increase and improve...

Then, it's time to invest in public speaking skills, the soft skill often overlooked in driving results!

Welcome to the SpeakersTrainingCamp®

The SpeakersTrainingCamp® is an expert, hands on training that will prepare your employees to become more confident and dynamic public speakers. The SpeakersTrainingCamp® will train your team to:

  • Captivate and engage the audience
  • Organize thoughts
  • Cut presentation preparation time in half
  • Create a more dynamic presenting style
  • Master Powerpoint® presentations
  • Organize using the SpeakersTrainingCamp® Presentation Planner
  • Apply 13 techniques for handling nervousness
  • Master the Nonverbals

The SpeakersTrainingCamp® is a phenomenal public speaking and presentation skills training program that will equip your organization communicate more effectively and persuasively. No matter the industry, presentation skills are a must to influence business outcomes. Effective presentation skills are vital to your organization's success and vital to ensuring your company shows up as experts in your field.

How do I achieve these results?

In the SpeakersTrainingCamp® program, I teach the three elements needed to become a great presenter: Steak, Sizzle, and Style.

  • Steak: Organization
  • Sizzle: Engaging your Audience
  • Style: Focus on the Nonverbals

Who will train me?

Christy Demetrakis, Speaker, Trainer, Author

I will train you! I am Christy Demetrakis, a certified instructor for the SpeakersTrainingCamp®. Over the last 14 years, I have trained hundreds of people to become more confident and dynamic speakers. I offer public workshops and customized on-site programs for companies and organizations to improve their public speaking and presentation skills. I have worked in Corporate America for 25+ years and am the North America Master Facilitator for Procter & Gamble's Effective Presentation Skills course and am a Certified Instructor for High Impact Training & Delivery.

The SpeakersTrainingCamp® offers 2 Corporate Options to Improve your Team's Public Speaking Skills

  1. SpeakersTrainingCamp® V-Coaching with Christy
  2. SpeakersTrainingCamp® On Site

Option 1: SpeakersTrainingCamp® V-Coaching

The SpeakersTrainingCamp® Corporate V-Coaching Program is a virtual and personalized way to provide individualized public speaking coaching for your employees. This program offers flexibility and efficiency, allowing each employee to personalize their coaching experience based on their needs.

With my coaching expertise, I will work with your employees on any public speaking issues they may be experiencing. Topics may include making an existing presentation more interesting, developing a new presentation, rehearsing for an important upcoming meeting, tips on managing nerves, and any other focus areas.

How it Works

  1. Contact Christy to discuss your organization's needs.
  2. Schedule date and times.
  3. Virtually schedule your employees for 15-minute to one-hour time slots on scheduled day and time.

Timing: Virtual Half day (up to 3 hours) & Virtual Full Day (3-6 hours)


"Working with Christy has been a great experience, she delivers on her promise. Her speaker's training program really exceeded my expectations, and I have made tremendous progress in my ability to speak professionally." Angela F.

Option 2: SpeakersTrainingCamp® On Site

Bring Christy Demetrakis, The Empowered Speaker onsite to your company or organization. In order to maximize the experience and offer personalized coaching, classes are limited to no more than 10 attendees.

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"Christy, you are the epitome of an engaging and caring instructor! It is a delight to observe you interacting with your students and their engagement in working with you is a testament to your skill in the classroom. The progression from start to finish is always amazing!" Beth R.

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