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Most of the time, your audience is not sitting in a dark theatre watching one of your shows. They're somewhere else - out there in the world, at work, on the train, biking home, skiing down Mt. Hood.

Now and then they may think about you and wonder what's up. "Isn't there some cool thing I heard about?" Maybe they tap on your web site to find out more. And the moment they do, the show before the show is on.

The show is always on. And the show before the show - how you channel your brand essence on digital channels (and particularly on mobile) - plays a big role in determining whether your audience will show up for the live in person show.

Here are some examples of theatre web sites that deliver outstanding mobile experiences.

Center Theatre Group - Los Angeles

In the land of show biz, how appropriate that CTG's web site is a show unto itself. Not only does content flow effortlessly in single column display, the photos and social media posts make you feel like you are there in the lobby. Here's a link to the same image displayed below, as well as a GIF of scrolling down the email.

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