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Moore Biography

Marianne Moore was born in Kirkwood, Missouri on November 15, 1887. Marianne Moore full name is Marianne Craig Moore. She was raised at her grandfathers house. His grandfather was a Presbyterian Pastor. When her grandfather died, they still stayed their with their relatives. On 1896 they moved to Carlisle, Pennsylvania. She stayed their and went to college to Bryn Mawr College and got her BA in 1909. in 1911-1915, she went to typing classes in Carlisle Commercial College. She was employed at a school for teaching at Carlisle Indian School. At 1918 she moved to New York City with her mother. She was an assistant at the New York Public Library. She then started to meet new poets as in Williams Carlos Williams and Wallace Stevens. She also contributed in "Dial". She was an acting editor from 1925-1929.

Marianne Moore

Poem Type

Marianne Moore poetry's are more about irony, precise diction, wit(deep humor) and tried new stuff. She also had an interest in writing about freedom, animals, nature, modernist, and to prove a point. Her poems are more about nature and animals. One of her poems like "Nevertheless" talks about fruits and animals and nature about a problem. It's like art. She wants her poems to have humor. She really use to focus on animals more for central image. Her poetry's are often reflected on her preoccupation and with the relationships about common and uncommon, as well as life and art. Her poems are about her life or her struggle. It's more like understand. Interest in some nice cool poetrys. She has some really good ones. She is precision of the language it is being use. She loves tot he in control.

Moore liked to write about animals more than any other.


Moore doesn't really say about how she influenced herself in poetry. She just had a passion of poem and started to write down some poems. H.D. was interested in her poem and arranged. Her poetry "Poem" made it to the "The Egoist". She then started to get more interest by other people. She saw William Carlos Williams and Wallace Stevens; two poets she grouped with. I think that once she met them that she wanted to be a poem writer. No only is she a New York Library Assiant. She is also a poem writer. Then she had also teamed up with some other poets. She was very happy about her work that she even won the Pulitzer Award and the National Book Award for her awesome poetry. Her poet is making points. She has some very good poetry's.

Marianne Moore loved to write about nature especially animal.


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