Child Labor Hilary Ochoa

Child Labor defined :

Causes :

  • At times families are in difficult times, and money is scarce.
  • Having no one to be dependent on
  • Wanting to make a change, yourself

Positive Effects:

  • You have money to rely on
  • You can now have money to pay what is on hold
  • You have money for what you like
  • Money is no longer scarce
  • You now have money to fund a change

Negative Effects:

  • Your well being and health may be affected
  • Freedom is minimized (The boarding home bell, told Lyddie and the other girls when to return home, awake, sleep, and come to eat)
  • The quantity of work hours is large, and most likely there will be no time available for education
Examples of child labor

Credit: International Business Times.

Forced Labor is different from Child Labor:

In Child Labor one is not forced against their will to work, and if the work is not done there may be a punisment, but it is not affirmative. In Forced Labor it is a threat to you if you don't finish your work and it is affirmative that you will be punished.

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