Week 2

This week in Wex we all took part in the renaissance project. On Monday we all worked on our individual blogs and thought about what our costumes will be. We decided that the boys will be Da Vinci and Jilly will be Mona Lisa. On Tuesday we researched more on our topics and thought about our format for our individual blogs. On Wednesday we didn't have class but we did some extra research on our individual topics. The next day we focused on our creative piece because it is going to be one of our most challenging parts of the project. We are doing Da Vinci's flying machine. While we did that we arranged when we will all meet up. We decided to do it at Lucas Beder's house. We are going to use wood but we aren't sure what else we will use. On Thursday we cited 8 sources and researched a lot more about how to make the flying machine worked and what we need to do to make it. Today we started writing our individual blogs.

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