Samsung 30" Oven WITH STEAM COOK!

The very first meal I made with Samsung's 30" Wall Oven is one I won't forget. I was nervous to try Samsung's "Steam Cook" feature, due to my only experience with steam being making rice & veggies. So timidly, I filled my pan with shellfish & potatoes....and I could not have been happier with the results!

Samsung's featured "Steam Cook" promised the oven would 'deliver a crisp, browned outside and a tender inside'. And boy were they ever right! My shellfish stood up beautifully, thanks to the dual convection technology & it was a breeze to monitor the temp from my phone using the wi-fi connected probe. No need to open & close the oven door to check my finicky fish, just simply utilize the large oven window to see the dish bubbling away.

But what about cleaning? Especially after fish! Well, Samsung already planned ahead. The new Hybrid Self Clean system uses steam to clean up the mess, including any left over odor. Add to that the huge size of this oven's interior and I am a Samsung convert. The over 5 foot capacity can hold a roast, multiple casseroles or several racks of cookies. That's a difference you can see.

Plus, if your new Samsung 30" built-in wall oven doesn’t fit the cabinet cut-out or countertop that houses your existing wall oven of the same width and configuration , you’ll receive up to $300 in a Visa® Reward Card toward a professional cabinet retrofit.* Read more here: https://promos.samsungpromotions.com/ready2fit/

Need to see for yourself? Stop in to any of Gerhard's Appliances locations and let our experts help you plan the kitchen of your dreams!

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