Tissue Issues By Adam Millington

There are many different views and opinions on organ donations from different people in the world. In the United Kingdom, we have an 'Opt In' scheme in which people have to say if they want their organs to be donated in the event of their death. In Spain , Austria and Belgium they have an 'Opt Out' scheme where it is presumed that everybody wants to donate their organs unless they say otherwise.

This is an NHS organ donor card. The person who holds this has said they want their organs to be donated.
The results of a 2015 study of what the people of Ontario, Canada think.

I personally believe in an 'Opt In' system. Many people may not know about the system if they are automatically opted in. The United Kingdom is a very diverse country , there is a mixture of all religions from all corners of the world who call it home. Some religious people (mostly orthodox) do not believe that organ donation is okay. Jehovah's witnesses do not allow blood transfusions and this can sometimes lead to Another reason why I think this, is that some people may not be able to opt out due to medical or other reasons.

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Created with images by johannakoll - "Opting in. In Austria, it's opt out, resulting in a higher number of much needed donor organs."

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