Electromagnetic spectrum Destiny Martin

What is the relationship between wavelength and frequency?

The relationship is, the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength.

Speed= Wavelength+ Frequency

Frequency= Speed/Wavelength

Wavelength= Speed/Frequency

The electromagnetic spectrum

What is the wavelength and frequency of the different waves?:


Wavelength: 30cm-1mm

Frequency: 1GHz-300GHz

We use these in everyday life when using microwaves (the kind that heat up food), Helps predict weather, forest mapping, and catch you when your speeding.

Visible light:

Wavelength: 390nm- 700nm

Frequency: 430Thz-770THz

Visible light waves help see volcanic damage, and distinguishes snow form volcanic ash.


Wavelength: 700nm-1mm

Frequency: 430THz-300GHz

These help us control our TV's, study snow, ice, and agriculture.

Radio waves:

Wavelength: 1mm- 100km

Frequency: 300GHz-3kHz

Radio waves help us provide information for NASA workers.

Gamma Rays:

Wavelength: >1nm

Frequency:> 3Hz - 10 19Hz

Gamma rays help us detect things on Mars, and they are absorbed by the earth.

Ultraviolet Rays:

Wavelengths: 10nm- 400nm

Frequency: 8 × 1014- 3 × 1016

Ultraviolet rays help us view craters, attracts insects, and causes sunburns.


Wavelengths: 0.01 to 10 nm

Frequency: 30 pz-30 ez

X-rays tell dentist what tooth to pull and doctors what bone to fix. They also help with telling temperatures.

In the end, waves are all around us and theirs no way to avoid them. Whether there waves we can and cant see, big and small, short and tall, they all interfere with our everyday lives and help our planet be more successful.

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