MARBLES Photography by Barry & Cathy Beck

You see a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Slovenia, where clubs manage the rivers that hold marble trout. The reputation of the fly angling here has grown along with the sizes and numbers of fish. And the rivers are varied—from tumbling mountain pocket water to lazy chalk streams that share great clarity but range in hue from tannin stained and emerald to creeks with the translucence of tap water. As such, the fishing for trout in Slovenia is by nature very technical—leaders that measure 12 or 14 feet, small tippets, and small bead-head nymphs.
But a little rain makes the marbles a little less wary and more prone to linger beyond the protection of deep cover—even in a small stream. An 11-foot 3-weight can help navigate the nymph drag-free beyond differing currents and through that short, deep seam near the far bank. Fish on! Even with clear water, you didn’t see this behemoth coming. The thing you see most clearly now is yourself returning to fish Slovenia

Barry and Cathy Beck traveled to Slovenia to fish for marble trout. Frontiers Travel (www.frontierstravel.com) handled their flying and lodging accommodations, and they fished with guide Tina Possnig, who’s also a fly tier of some renown. See more of the Becks’ photography at www.barryandcathybeck.com.

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