The versatile apple ... How do consumers use apples? See the data from Fresh Trends 2018

{1} As a snack ...

This crisp, crunchy fruit is produce’s answer to the snack food category. More than nine in 10 buyers or 92% said they selected apples as a snack, and this concept is consistent year after year.
Courtesy of Cooking LIght

{2} As an ingredient in a recipe ...

41% of FRESH TRENDS RESPONDENTS SAID THAT THEY TURNED TO APPLES AS AN INGREDIENT in their recipes (see some recipe suggestions at the link below).
Courtesy Betty Crocker

{3} As American as ... apple pie

37% of fresh trends respondents chose apples for their desserts.
Photo Anna Williams, courtesy of My Recipes

{4} Salad apples ...

While less popular than as a dessert, apples were still chosen by 21% for a salad ingredient. (Waldorf salad anyone?)

Photo courtesy of Simpy Recipes, Elise Bauer

Courtesy of Taste of Home

{5} Apples on the side ...

Close behind in the popularity stakes are apples as side dishes. 19% of Fresh trends 2018 respondents chose this as a way they used apples.

{6} Apples and ... cheese

16% of fresh trends 2018 respondents say they use apples as an appetizer. Head on over to little dairy on the prairie for the recipe pictured above.

{7} And finally ... apples as a main dish

7% of Fresh Trends 2018 respondents say they use apples as a main dish.

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