Who's on Drugs? van's on drugs

Van Simpson

Van Simpson was a 20 year old, smart boy who lived in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He always loved to play soccer, hockey, and baseball. He was very popular and very fun to be around. He had a very nice life as a child. All that stuff about him was true until about a week after his 21st birthday. On his 21st birthday, his father offered him a drink since it was legal for him to drink now. He gladly accepted the drink so that he could have more opportunities to hang out with his father and drink with him. He enjoyed drinking because it made him feel more relaxed. He worked at a hospital as a security guard. It was his summer before his senior year of college. He went to Villanova. He played hockey for them and was on his way to the NHL. His job was scary for him because he had to let in and see a ton of seriously injured people that were on their way to the emergency room. This stressed him out a lot so he often went to bars after work to unwind from what he saw at work. That is when the addiction started.

He spent about $60 a week on alcohol. Shortly after his drinking habits, he was missing work and when he did come into work he wouldn’t do his job right. Soon enough, he was fired. Van had no money to pay his rent for his apartment so he went to his parents for money. They were fairly rich so they gave him just enough to get back on his feet and get another job. He told his parents that he had quit that job because he got a better job offer somewhere else but the position was already taken at that job after he quit the one at the hospital. The money from his parents was only used for alcohol. He lost his apartment due to unpaid rent and he asked to move in with his girlfriend, Sharon. She accepted because she loved him.

At this point he was never completely sober. He got so drunk a couple times that he assaulted his girlfriend which led him to be kicked out and broken up. He also started getting into fights at bars with his friends that he drank with. About a week after his couple of incidents, he got a letter from his college telling him he was not going to attend the school anymore. There were also police reports against him filed by his girlfriend and a couple of his old friends he fought at the bars. One day, on his way to the last bar that he wasn’t banned from, he was pulled over and found completely drunk. All of his offenses led up to 30 years in prison. He was also forced to complete a full year of sessions of rehab until he gets his license back once the 30 years was up. Van’s parents were devastated when they found out what has been going on. He was really depressed in prison. His parents met up with him one time while he was in prison and told him they still loved him but he took offense to that and he hit them. They never visited him again. He was constantly having ulcers and eventually started showing symptoms of cirrhosis. On about his 21st year of prison, he died of liver failure.

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