Grasslands Facts

Climate and Location: Grasslands are in North America, Asia, Africa and South America. The winters are very cold and the summers are very hot. The average annual percipitation is 20-35 inches but most of it is snow. Because of the characteristics of the area, fires are very common.

Geography and Physical Features: They are very flat. The soil is rich. Trees are vunerable to being burnt cause some of them to not grow very high.

Plants: Grass is lots more common than trees and shrubs because the grass is better at surviving the fires because of it's roots. Some types of grass are Purple Needlegrass, Wild Oats, Foxtail, Ryegrass, and buffalo grass. Wild flowers are also common. These include Asters, Blazing Stars, Golden Rods, Sunflowers, Clovers and Wild Indingos.

Animals: Most animals are similiar around the world because they have to adapt to little shelter and needing to escape predators. The most common types of animals are Ungulates, hooved mammals that have legs that help them run very fast. Ungulates are herbivores. Ungulates include horses and deer. Some of the animals in the grasslands are Lynx, Antelopes, Falcons and Fox, which is a lot less diverse than say, a Savannah.

People and Biome Facts: Humans are turning grasslands into farm land because of the rich soil that is good for crops and plants that are good for feeding to cows and sheep, which is causing problems.

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