Do senior appreciation days go over the top? by Allie D'Angelo '20

Almost every sport at Staples High School honors their seniors for their dedication to the game through Senior Day. Seniors are thanked with a day devoted to them through posters, breakfast, and even customized shirts, only worn on their special day. However, some sports take this day to the next level. But how much is ‘too much’ on Senior Day?

Alexa Frost ’20, a player on the girls' soccer team at Staples, believes that seniors should be honored as much as they possibly can for their years on the team. “One day certainly isn't enough to commemorate them and their hard work. They create such a welcoming environment for all the new girls on the team, and motivate us to keep working when we're down,” Frost said.

(above) Last year’s girls' soccer seniors wearing boas, holding up posters and wearing customized shirts. Photo by Ellie Kravetz '18

Seniors deserve a day that looks back on all the devotion they put into the sport. Celebrating their efforts and commitment to their sport, seniors have played countless towns on the court, field or pool, representing Staples throughout their entire high school sports career.

However, not everyone at Staples thinks of senior days as Frost does. Some think of the day in other perspectives. “I think the seniors who make noise in the halls are some what...disruptive,” Bennet Staff ’20 said, “I'd prefer if they didn't make as much noise.”

Although some may believe that these actions are too over the top, but is one day of going that extra mile for devoted seniors really that bad? These players’ dedication to the sport is only celebrated once a year, so their day should be extravagant, and filled with whatever they want.

It’s a way to say ‘thank you’ to those who have stuck around until their senior year, scoring goals and points for their team, inviting incoming freshman to the sport and lifting teammates up when they feel down. A day to commemorate their accomplishments both on and off the field, court or even in the pool should truly be celebrating their seniors, through any method that makes them happy.

Not only will Senior Day please the seniors themselves, but other teammates who appreciate them, and know that saying ‘thank you’ in practice or games is certainly not enough. A single day brings unity among all the players, all celebrating their accomplishments to commemorate the seniors, and value their own efforts in making this event happen. “It means so much to them [the seniors],” Frost said, “and it makes you feel good. It's very rewarding.”

Senior day is not just about all the posters in the cafeteria and pictures of the star players in the halls. Senior Day is a day of unity and appreciation between teammates to look back on previous seasons, and look forward to new adventures brought to the lives of the high school graduates.

Photos by Ellie Kravetz '18

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Allie D'Angelo

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