My High Voice Demonstrating heluim's properties


In this experiment, I will be using helium to change the sound of my voice. The main objective is to find out what kind of change has made my voice higher.


1 Helium filled balloon. Pair of scissors.


Step 1. Cut the end of the balloon, which may may prove to be difficult. Step 2. Breathe out and breathe in the helium.

The explanation

This trick is made possible by a reaction called a replacement . You're replacing the atmospheric mixture in your vocal cords withe helium, a lighter gas than nitrogen, oxygen, and argon, so your voice goes higher. I figured a simple formula out for the replacement.

The reasoning

H2O2N2ArNeHe + respiration + He2= Higher voice. Which means the atmospheric gases we breath plus respiration plus helium gas makes my voice higher. The real reason though is that my sound in regular air moves about 1128 feet per second while through helium it moves 3041 feet per second. So the faster sound can move through something, the higher the voice.


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