Some Critical Stuff some quotes I made myself, or that I at least thought haven't been made yet. Also I plugged in my video and gave you a description of my talents, because i'm too lazy to make a new web page and i like this one

Was the first sandwich filled with sand?
Maybe anime characters have bright colored hair because their personality is too monotone and dull, so the artist tries to make a snazzy bright blue haired anime girl with the most bland personality, that a peanut butter jelly sandwich is considered more tasteful.
Is every pickled vegetable and fruit called a pickle? Why isn't a pickle called a pickled cucumber so people don't get confused????
Why can't the sun just back off a bit and go bother Antarctica? They need more sun than we do.
If there are way more people than there are more cows, then where are we getting all of this meat?
Were cupcakes the first mug cake?
Are grizzly bears just brown polar bears, or are polar bears just white grizzly bears?
What if we all were born in the wrong generation?
Why is it so easy to find faults in a bland character, but when you try to make a character, it has the same faults as a bland character?
Was the first ground beef mashed into the ground?
Is our hands just stretched out smaller feet?
You can get vitamin D from the sun, but how is vitamin D also from milk? Are cows made out of the sun????????
If green painted on walls can make you calmer, does painting red on walls make you more energetic?
Is the opposite of Animal Crossing called Human Walking?
Aren't Teddy bears really called Theodore bears?
Why isn't frozen yogurt called ice yogurt, like how ice cream is?
Why do all anime characters know gymnastics????

These are the questions that need to be answered, people.

Also, here's my video.

I like to consider myself an artist and I usually draw for a hobby, or when I want food from some restaurant that can't pay me for my drawings because I'm too young. I will also draw someone a thing with a down payment of like......2 dollars. I gotta buy myself some snacks somehow.

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Imani Taylor

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