“Animals are my muse” Shaw painter Claire Howarth tells Newburytoday how her life has always been about animals

Claire’s life is all about animals and always has been.

She began to focus on pet portraits, aiming to convey their characters in her paintings, after years as a dog groomer and looking after rescue animals.

“I am a self-taught acrylic artist and my creative subjects are animals," she explains.

"I would say that my style is bold, bright and big. I especially like to paint on a large scale and include bright colours and sometimes patterns wherever I can.

"I am married with a family and have always worked with animals. They have always been a passion of mine.

"I took up painting a few years back and it has taken over my life. I regularly paint animal portraits for people, which I love, but I also enjoy creating paintings of animals that inspire or intrigue me.”

See more of Claire’s work on: www.paintsandpebbles.co.uk

You can email her at Paintandpebblecraft@gmail.com

Or find her social channels on Facebook @paintsandpebbles Instagram @paintsandpebbles