Come to the Virginia Colony We are the royal colony (so you don't have to be)


The Virginia area is rich in animals, trees, and water. The climate allows for the growing of ca$h crops like tobacco that sold well in Europe. The whole area is warm and has lots of fish.


The warm climate of the Virginia colony makes it suitable for the money making ca$h crops like tobacco and cotton. There is also access to lots of wood so the people can make furniture and they can also farm for cotton and rice.


The colony had to be on the lookout for Indian raids which had been brewing for a war. The colony is made up of mainly English people. The colony set up its first school in 1618.


Religion is pretty important in most of the colonies. In Virginia the church is Anglican they practice catholic religion. The people did not like religions that were not Christian.


Sir William Berkeley, and John Robinson Jr were real important leaders for us. When John Smith founded we were a bunch of hillbillies. Then we set up a stable government in 1775 as government of the Royal Colony. We established the house Burgesses a senate where we elected people to bad Mr. Bacon burnt it down :)

Dan's Fun Facts

1.) The Southern Colonies have the largest slave populations of all of the colonies. The slaves work on the plantations that grew cotton, tobacco, sugar, rice, and indigo (a dye), among others.

2.) Plantations are common in the Virginia Colony, where cotton and tobacco are often grown in large quantities.

3.) A nickname given to the Virginia Colony is Old Dominion.

4.) Many of the crops on plantations are traded for items that can not be grown such as farming tools, shoes, and household goods such as dishes and pots and pans.

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