The Copenhagen Collection is inspired by Modern Scandinavian design. As the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is where the adventurous find their niche. The city is packed with independent cafes, shops, and an infinite amount of breathtaking views of both architecture and nature. The spaces created within the design reflect the ever-changing, bold lifestyle of those who live and move within it. `


This is an average layout of a CLS model unit with the Copenhagen Collection in place. Placement may alter when implemented within different units.



This is an average layout of a CLS model unit with the Copenhagen Collection in place. Placement may alter when implemented within different units.


1. Giant, color blocked painting of Corpus Christi discoverer, Alonzo Alvarez.
2. Two large hood pendants for additional color and light.
3. Green window covering to add texture and contrast.
4. Arm chair for additional seating and comfort.
5. Table top cover for existing coffee table in white.
6. An additional side table for beverages.
7. Area rug in maroon to anchor each piece together into a cohesive group.
8. Shelves to create a "built-in" bookcase around the media center.


Each space is molded around a specific color that echoes throughout the bedding, paint, art, and accessories. Two large hood pendants are swaged at each side of the bed and a chair is selected in the room's complementary color to create additional seating and contrast. Color-blocked portraits of Denmark royalty are hung above the bed to reference the foundation of the design.

The Anna

Anna is a Women's Studies major and Civil Rights Activist. When she's not working at her various internships or charities, you can always find her in the library with a new book clutched in her hands. The maroon hues of her room are an ode to her powerful and unforgiving femininity.

The Marie

Growing up in Florida, Marie spent most of her life outside. With hopes of becoming a botonist, she sprinkles her room with as much of the outdoors as she can. The various green hues of her room draw from her ever present urge to be in nature.

The Christian

Christian is training to become a nutrition and health specialist. Although he spends most of his time in The Jim, his room is his favorite space to draft his diet plans and work-out regimens. The bright yellow tones in his space help him stay energized and motivated.

The Pieter

Majoring in Art History, Pieter spends long nights at his desk. The sculptures he displays in his room were passed down by his great grandmother, who sparked his love for ancient artifacts. The blue hues of his room keep him cool and calm.

The End

Living with the Copenhagen Collection is as if you transcended to Eastern Europe yourself. The adventures you are about to take will be marked by each of these unique elements that beg for you to create your own path.

I would say come to Copenhagen, but..

Let Copenhagen Come to You.

Price: $30,000

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