My bucket list Created by: darriona morris

Scuba Diving

Dubai Hotel

Cliff diving

One day I want to drive a race car at full speed

Travel outside of the country

Jet skinning

One day I want to hit a home run :)
I want to climb a big mountain


Created with images by Capecodprof - "parachute sky diving chatham" • skeeze - "divers scuba reef" • Walkerssk - "dubai united arab emirates sea" • skeeze - "diving leaping ocean" • smarko - "car ford gt" • apple 94 - "Tokyo tower" • bortescristian - "Paris" • kla4067 - "Puerto Rican beach" • flightlog - "Police on Jet Ski" • shinosan - "Homerun!" • permanently scatterbrained - "Borderline Hall of Fame Candidate Jim Edmonds shows the rookie he's proud of the way he's been catching on." • gargudojr - "MLB All Star Home Run Derby 2013" • baluda - "ama dablam the himalayas mountain"

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