Goals for the Future

In the next year, I would like to start working. I would most likely work at Vans. Vans is the one job I want to work at because it's a company that I have always liked and the workers have always treated me very kindly and with so much care.

If I'm not able to work at Vans the next job I would try and apply for is Harkin theaters. I want to work at a movie theater because it has always seemed to entertain me and all the new things I can try. I don't want to work at a theater because i can see movies but because it just seems so much fun.

If I can's afford to work at either I would then choose a bowling alley because I have always enjoyed bowling and being able to work at a place that I enjoy is the one thing that i want. Working at a bowling can be very entertaining and also being able to control everything would feel great.

The last thing I want to do in the next year is to get my drivers license. I want to get my license because I like to drive already and I want to drive not to places but also for people in case they get tired or just need a break from driving.

In three years, the first thing I want to do is graduate from high school and get my diploma with at least a 3.0 or 3.5. The second thing I would like to have during and after high school is a car so that I can get to where I need to be instead of taking the bus or have my family drive me everywhere. Both before and after school ends I would like to either see or become a motivational speaker when it comes to sports, grades, depression, or because people need to find another way to accomplish and become successful. The last thing I would like to be before high school ends is a better friend, and sometimes it may seem like I'm always the best friend but to me it seems as if i need to be a more better friend.

In the next five years after graduation and I have a job I would either prefer a house of my own or at least an apartment. If I had a chance to go live somewhere else than here I would live either in Norman, Oklahoma or Eugene, Oregon. I would live at either of these two because I sort of grew up in Oklahoma and its pretty peaceful and I would live in Oregon because there has been many good compliments about the place and I would like to see myself. One main thing I would really like to do in my life is to stay and become a musician because of how much music has impacted my life and what it has done. When I get my own place I would really like to have my own pet. Cats are my favorite pet to have and that is what I would like to have.

When I have finally settled in my own house, I got my own car, and I have enough money I would really like to travel and do some stunts that I have always thought would be fun. I would travel to UK and go to England and I would also travel to London. Some stunts I would like to do is bungee jump, skydive, scuba diving, and go wing suit diving(flying squirrel).

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Douglas White


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