Technological Advances Technology has come a long way into evolving

Technology is very beneficial to society yet it comes with negative affects to it, for example technology can cause deaths while driving and using your phone or also walking in the streets. Therefore technology can be both good and bad.

Many new vehicles have a lot of technology in them, with that being said various vehicles have lane changing censors which can not be reliable at times and may cause serious accidents due to a driver thinking that he does not have to turn his head to check for cars on the other lane

Oe day Dilon was driving to work and at a red light he decided to get on his phone. When the light turned green he was still distracted on his phone. Meanwhile there was a pedestrian crossing the street who was also on his phone. Dilon accelerated and accidentally hit the pedestrian.

My Instagram shows that technology can be a negative factor that causes death. In addition the hash tag brings awareness to those who use social media.
Source- // This Article is talking about how sometimes teenagers use technology for a good cause and some don't , many teens get really distracted with there phones or even computers, there is many things going on in this world that people focus so much on that and not on what is really important, technology can always be used for a good cause and can also help you in many ways when you need something or are looking for something.

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