My Natural Experience in the Butterfly Rainforest Ayberk Aydin

Nature on Display:

Look, Flora

I found the butterfly rain forest to be pretty cool because there are not any rain forests in Florida, so visiting something like it was pretty cool. Interestingly enough there was misty rain for a little while and there were fans at the door to block the butterflies from escaping. Poor butterflies. The butterflies would pollinate; they had these big mosquito looking poles on their noses and they would dip them into the nectar. At the end of the day I felt pretty relaxed for having been here.

Nature and Ethics:

Being there I felt primal, back at home I always go on long walks in the woods to feel one with nature. I believe conservation is extremely important so the Earth can be around for our children's kids. It is important that the generations that come after us can experience the beauty of nature. It is up to us not to destroy it, I completely agree with Leopold. Before we conserve nature, we must believe and sense we are apart of it. The media and popular culture and technology definitely makes me feel like a robot sometimes. When I was there I thought of it like one of my walks through the wilderness, it was peaceful and silent. As I walked I could feel my mind clear.

Nature and the Human Spirit:

Being out in nature helps people connect to their primal selves, we come from nature and looking back we came from the forest after we came from the sea. Evolution tells us this. Being out there, it is like returning to something familiar where we can transcend into our own minds and then transcend within our minds. This will allow us to connect with what is eternal within and without. I am thankful for being gifted in this day and age with the pleasure of being able to experience nature. As I said before, it is important that the Earth can be around for generations to come. There is a balance that must not be touched.

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