What are the Best ways to study? BY:Mario roman

Is studying hard for you? Do you want to do well in your tests? Do you want to master the best ways to study? If you said yes for all these questions then this is the place to read!Imagine you have three summative assessments. All three of them are going to happen in exactly eight days. How are you going to prepare for the tests? Where are you going to study? What should be your study habits? Well here will be your answers.

Scheduling your Studying

The first piece of information you need to do is schedule your studying. Base how much time you need to study on how is the class or subject for you. This could be important to you because the pace you go at impacts how well you study. Also make enough time in your schedule to get enough sleep because sleeping after study helps you remember things and if you don’t sleep then you will not be energised and ready for your test. Also study at your own pace and not someone else's pace: remember though that if you study a bit slower then you should study a bit longer so you do the same amount of work.

The second thing you need to do is find a good place to study. You will want to find a place that is comfortable for studying but not too comfortable that you will sleep while studying. You might also want to find a place that is quiet and does not have too many people there. Avoid places like the bed, where you play games or next to the tv while it is on because you will either be distracted or be going to sleep while studying. Also don’t go to places to study with a lot of electronics because either the temptation to play games or to look at something like social media will distract from your studying. Also be aware that you should snack smart while studying, try eating fruits and things that get you energized and focused. This will be very important because if you have no energy you will be tired and will not want to study.

Having good Study Habits

The last thing you need is good study habits. For you to succeed you will want to study in chunked sessions and not all at once. According to Patrick allans article you should also know the difference between recollecting and recognition, for recognition you will need a trigger to remember, like some notes, you might not get recognition on a test, recollection is something you can remember off the top of your head and you would not need notes to remember it. To get to recollection you will have to repeat an action over and over again. This is also known as long term memory. Here is a article on how it works. Also here is a photo of the neurotransmitters.

Have you learned a lot from this piece of writing? Have you learned the best ways to study? And most importantly are you going to put them in effect? I hope you will and have a great day!

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