Inject Creativity Live with Tim Kitchen, Erin Raethke, Jerry Wong and Max Schleser (Wednesday 29/07/2020)

Joining us tonight as our special guest presenter is Max Schleser.

Max Schleser

Max Schleser (B.A. Hons, M.A., Ph.D.) is Senior Lecturer in Film and Television and Researcher in the Centre for Transformative Media Technologies (CTMT) at Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia)

He is an Adobe Education Leader, Founder of the Mobile Innovation Network & Association (www.mina.pro) and Screening Director of the International Mobile Innovation Screening & Festival.

I learned to get better results using this trick from Max:

You can reduce the video noise when filming in dark situations on a smartphone by reducing the smartphone ISO to below 100. The grainy effect that you get in low-light situations will be greatly reduced.

Lecturer, Researcher, Videographer and Author

Max has co-authored the following books, with another volume in the same area planned for next year.

Part 1: Adobe Premiere Rush (on Mobile)

Max took us through the steps he follows when creating a rough or fast cut using only a mobile phone. He completed the demo (including publication), and we discussed the convenience of Creative Cloud making projects available straight from mobile to desktop/tablet devices.

His tips (if it is available):

  • Jerry-rig a tripod (even if you need to tape it to something) to get stable video footage
  • If you are collaborating with a group and have multiple smartphones, make use of the multiple devices (audio with the best microphone, different camera angles)
  • If you have a 'spare' smartphone when filming, use the torch mode on the other device to create more light in your shot

Next we have...

Part 2: 360 film making in Adobe Premiere Pro

Cameras that are available for 360 recordings:

  • Garmin camera (VIRB360) - action camera and is quite robust, and you don't need to stitch the footage.
  • GoPro Max (link here) - robust and a moderate price point.
  • Insta360 Pro (link here) - a higher end option.

Experience 360 using:

  • Cardboard VR 'housings' for mobile devices
  • Oculus (higher end)

Monoscopic, Under/Over, or Side-by-side

Max took the time to demonstrate some effects (panel on the left) that can be applied to a 360 video, including:

  • Colour gradients
  • Digital glitches
  • Fracture noise
  • Projection (enables you to edit the primary viewpoint of 360 footage, to focus on a specific point)
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