Haitains Control Weather

Starting with what was said to be the cruelest ever experienced hurricane season in Haiti in 2008. The four storms Fay, Gustav, and Hanna. The rains in these storms estimated killing 793 people, with 310 missing, 510 injured, and destroyed 22,702 homes. It was said about 800,000 people were affected. Also along with this it destroyed many food sources knocking out 70% of all Haitians crops causing many deaths of children due to malnutrition.

Hurricanes and other storms mostly hit Haiti once a year and sometimes even more. The tragic storms cause destruction that will make it impossible to recover from.The storms pollute the water and ruin crops, killing Haitians food sources. Haiti imports approximately 50 percent of its food, demonstrating strong dependence on the international market. They cannot afford good housing, so it is destroyed during every storm. They live what is left mostly. Belongings get washed away along with valuables and food. It all slowly goes into the water polluting it more almost like a cycle. The pollution in the water causes waterborne illnesses such as typhoid, cholera, and chronic diarrhea. Water borne illness is more than half the deaths in Haiti.

There are many ways haitians build around these factors, that are displayed in this video.

By:Erica Boehm

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