#Don'tExposedYourself by Jonathan Mitchell

1. Do not send or receive messages.

If you send or receive sexts, you can be charge with child pornography. This applies to sexts that happens on the phone or any social media

2. Think before you send.

Once you send a message or a photo is no longer under your control. You can delete but that photo or message is forever on the internet.

3. Delete immediately any inappropriate picture you receive.

If you receive a nude or even a semi-nude pic of someone of another person, delete ot immediately.

4. Tell your parents or an adult that you trust.

If someone is sexting you or pressuring you to send the a nude pic, contact your parents, a teacher or even the police. You need to report it and get an adult involved as soon as possible.


Blocking the person is helpful for both you and the other individual. You don't see the person's messages and you will not be tempted to respond to any of them. Block the individual from your phone and any social media.

Remember you can't control where this image is going to end up. What you send to your boyfriend or girlfriend can easily end up with their friend, and their friends, and their friends...

If someone tries to convince you to take a picture and send it to him or her, report the person because if you send it you and that person can be charge with possession of child pornography.



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