Donald J Trump Why trump will help reshape us foreign policy

Reshaping foreign policy towards the Middle East will be a challenge for the Trump administration

For decades, United States presidents have had different views on foreign policy towards the Middle East. Jimmy Carter faced a dangerous situation with the hostage situation at the American embassy in Teheran. George W. Bush engaged in two wars, in Irak and Afghanistan. Barack Obama kept similar policy to his predecessor and had to deal with the refugee crisis.

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised a reshaping of US policy towards the Middle East. He had called for a muslim ban after the San Bernardino attacks. He also used to his advantage the attack on Pulse night club in Orlando to emphasize the threat of immigration from the Middle East, seen as intolerant of American values and lifestyle.

A couple of days into his presidency, he signed the Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States, preventing people from seven countries from entering the United States. He explains that the vetting process needs to be improved before allowing people from those countries to come in. For the case of Iran, it is due to political repraisal rather.

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