How do plants drink?? Written by Pukeko Nest

The stalk went red. It was cool. The water made it go red. The celery drunk the water. Charlie

The Celery went red. We cut it up. We can not eat it. Zak

The cup and the celery need black and red water. the straw sucks the water . I saw the straws in the celery. Dylan

The celery turned red because it was sitting in the water that had red colouring. We cut the celery and saw the capillaries. It was red. Lucy

The celery is changing colour red, black. The celery stalk looks like straw coming down from the ground. The straws are called capillaries. They are nice and helpful. It helps the plants grow. Scarlett

This plant has straws so they can grow with food colouring. We left it for a week. Next suddenly we saw black and red leaves. It was cool. The capillaries they were dark red and black. Sam M

There was celery. The water was black and red. Mr Boyce cut open. Inside it was black and red, so it had capillaries. The leaves they went red and black. It had dots were the straws were. Sam H

Capillaries suck the water so it grows. It has red and black little dots dots make it grow. You need a cup of food colouring. Then you need to let the water go up. When it has more time it will grow. Maia

The celery drank the water. We saw red dots in the celery. It is red in the celery. Red water went in the straw, up the straws up to the leaves. It is called capillaries. Archer

First the celery was covered in food colouring. Next the food colouring was drinking the red water. It went up the leaves. Happily ever after. Emily L

We put dye in the celery. Penny and the teachers too , cut the black celery. We cut the black. We saw the capillaries. Grace

The celery turned red and you can see the straws. The straws were red. Eva

We put red water in the cup and we put celery in the jar. It made the celery go red. Orion

Celery turned red. We cut it up. Lotti

The Celery. First we had some red water and black water too. We need to wait. After that the water went up and the teacher showed us. Emily C

Penny and the teachers cut the celery and we saw red capillaries. The celery drank water and there was red dots. There was red stripes. Ella

We did an investigation today. We saw the red food dye. We saw how the celery drank all the water. There were little holes in it. The water through the holes were red too. But not all of them. Erina

We put food colouring in the cup. The celery went red. Kyla

First I put some food colouring in a cup of some food colouring that was red. I left it there for a couple of days. The next day it was the colour of the water. It was red. I like red. Emily K

We put dye in the jar. We put in celery. The stalk turned red. Maximus

We put celery in red and black water and red water. The next day there was red celery and black celery. When we cut them open we saw some dots inside the celery. Esme

The celery turned red and we cut it up and we saw the straws in the celery. I like it when it turned red. Max

Celery is healthy for us. It grows up until it grows red spots. They grow red in the leaves. Archie

The celery was cut by Penny. She put some pieces of the other plant on my plate. I picked two of the pieces up and I smelled them. It was yummy. Annie

The celery is drinking the food colouring up the stalk of the celery. The red and black water went up the straw and made the celery go that colour. Ben

We put food colouring in the water. It went to red celery and other one it went black and the leaves went black. Mr Boyce cut open both of them. Luke

The food colouring goes up to the leaves and we cut the celery. I saw the capillaries. They were red. Indigo

Celery is healthy for us. It grows up until it grows red spots. They grow red in the leaves. Archie

The plant needs air and water and space. There are straws. We cut the celery open. It was amazing. There was red dye up the capillaries. Ethan

The celery does always need water to grow. We put it in dye. After a few days later the celery went red. Then we cut the celery and we saw saw the capillaries. Cody

The experiment was dripping red water up and down the plant. The plant was red. The plant drank red water. It went up the capillaries. Lexi

The plant was called celery We put some water in there and it gets red and black. Then we cut it. Narges

The plants are red and the plants grow from the ground. The water was red and black. It turned the celery red and black. Troy

The colouring was red and I saw the capillaries and they were blue and red. the stalk sucked up the water and it turned the stalk red and blue. Peny chopped it up and we looked at it. We saw red capillaries. Annabel N

We put celery in the water. Levi

I have seen the capillaries. They are the straws in the plant. The straws in the plant help the leaves change colour at the leaves at the top of the celery plant. Stella

We put celery in the dye and then it went red. Amelia

The celery dyed in the water. Kushal


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