French Revolution

The Three Estates

The estates were made up of three groups. The first estate was the Roman Catholic Clergy, made up of about 1 percent of the overall population. The second estate was made of the Nobility and was 2 percent of the population. The Third estate was the general population and was 97 percent of the whole population. The First and Second estates paid little to no taxes causing the third estate to pay most. On top of that the third estate had the worst harvest since 80 years due to weather, so most of the third estate were without food. This made me the third estate mad because it was unjust.

King Louis XVI

King Louis XVI lived at the extravagant palace of Versailles. His Queen, Marie-Antoinette was from Austria - an enemy of the French which made her unpopular to the French, she also was self indulgent and enjoyed lavish parties during the same time that the third estate was starving.

Frances Debt

Severe economic problems Before the revolution affected them deeply. France borrowed sums of money to be spent on wars like the American revolution, But even though there were economic problems the king still spent lavishly which caused even more debt. In a struggle for money King Louis XVI tried to tax the second estate with no success. A year later France was looking at bankruptcy leading to half the collected taxes going into paying of any debt.

Napoleon : Hero or Villain

Napoleon could be argued as one of the best military leader in history. If you supported the French that you would probably believe he was a Hero. He expanded the land of the French, inspiring many that worked with him because of the many victories he had. Not to mention he also took a big part in stoping the bloodshed from the revolution.

On the other side of things he was thought of as a villain because of the expense of men in the sight of European Domination. He also ignored the equality established in the French Revolution. Napoleons son, instead of being elected, would automatically receive the throne as heir. This was a violation of the constitution of the French republic, which stated that the government must be chosen by the people. In turn made people question Napoleons work.

How did this affect everyone else?

The French Revolution not only affected the French but also England because the moment they heard that France was having a revolution the British saw this as an opportunity and attacked the French. Not only was the British involved but Russia was also aiding them.

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