A Glimpse into my life themes By Julia Niden

Theme 1

All Actions have consequenceS good or bad

All your life you are just preparing for something else if you think about it. In sixth grade you are preparing for middle school. In seventh and eighth grade you are preparing for high school, and in high school you are preparing for college. In college you are preparing for the real world and getting jobs. During your job you are preparing for retirement. My point being all actions have consequences, good or bad. If you don’t study for a class or are slacking off in middle school, high school, or college you are hurting yourself in the future when it comes to the real world. My mother doesn’t want me to get a C on a report card or a progress or I get my phone taken away. That means I need to study so I won't get a bad grade. Then my actions have consequences. Life is a series of questions and consequences

Working hard now will payoff in the future
Theme 2

Rest gives strength to activity

All my life people have called me a jumping bean, or commented on how much energy I had. When I was seven or eight, I joined Tucker Recreational Gymnastics and hated it. The coach never helped me or was always late so we set out to find a new gym that could help me approve in gymnastics and excel. A little time later we joined the Decatur Family YMCA. At first I was skeptical about the whole situation. My old gym was five times bigger than this one. I went once a week for an hour for about six months. Then I joined the competitive team at my gym. I remember walking in for my first practice apart of the team with butterfly's in my stomach because I had looked up to them. Fast Forward two or three months, and I was in immense ankle pain whenever I ran or applied pressure, but I thought nothing of it. Because the team practices three days a week, for three hours each, it was a lot on my body. Meet season rolls around the corner and I’m doing well on all of my events. * (Vault, Bar, Beam, and Floor)* My first meet came up, and I was terrified. Since I hated the beams and always will, I fell on my first routine ever. That meet and every meet the season I placed first on vault and always placed in the All around competition. But the pain got too much to handle, and I skipped practices because I would come home crying. I ended up missing a meet because I couldn’t walk and spent the whole day crying. Missing that meet turned out for the better, it gave me more time to perfect my routines for my state competition. I ended up placing first in vault and third on bars. Even to this day I still have intense ankle pains whenever I do regular activities like walking or running. I have had over 30 X-rays on my ankles and am starting physical therapy this month. I often think if it was all worth it to be in this much pain even after quitting the sport I love so dearly, and every time it crosses my mind I always reply with the answer yes. The coaches taught me so many life lesson and pushed me farther than I ever thought I could go. every week I looked forward to going to a sweaty gym that smelled like chalk, as weird as that sounds. Over the year I was on that team, that gym had become my safe place. That is how I learned the hard way that rest gives strength to activity.

1) My highest vault score 2-4) podium
With the 1996 Olympic All Around Gold Medalist Lilia Podkopayeva
theme 3

Never give up on your goals

Recently in the news I came across a story that interested me. That story was about the protester protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Dakota Access Pipeline is a new project that is 1,172 miles and 30 inches in diameter that is supposed to connect Bakken and Three Forks production areas in North Dakota to Illinois. This project is supposed to cost 3.7 billion dollars and close the gap of how much oil we produce, to the amount of gas we import. By reducing the amount of oil shipped by truck and rail and to increase the amount shipped by pipeline. Even though it will help produce jobs and help the economy, the problem is the pipeline would run threw The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. If the pipeline was ever to leak or spill, it would contaminate all the drinking water, making it unuseable. The protesters have been all peaceful and even protested threw frigid cold and blizzards. Recently (December 4,2016), The Army Corps of Engineers no longer plan to drill under the section of the Missouri River (which would populate the water). This story has showed and reminded me that any dream is possible if you set your mind to it. Even if it is as small as getting an A on a huge two test project, or rerouting the Dakota Access Pipeline. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

Peaceful protesters protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline
Divergent star Shailene Woodley was arrested for protesting peacefully against the DAP
Theme 4

FEELING accepted

Ever Since I was a youngling, I have spent two weeks out of my beloved summer to go to one of my favorite places on earth. This place is nestled up in the pines and on the beautiful lake. This place is called Camp High Harbour. I first started going to camp six summers ago. Within those six years I have met some of my best friends, made some of the best memories and got to do things that I thought I would never be able to do. At camp the counselors impact your life sod reply. Camp is one of the few times and only palaces I feel like I can be myself without people judging me. There I don’t need to try to impress anyone. High Harbour has four different programs it offers. The Pathfinder Program, Trailblazer, Watersport, and the ALA (advanced leadership academy). My favorite part of camp is not being able to have our phones. Everyone thinks we can’t go an hour without our phones. When I don't have my phone, it feels like a week or two week long sleepover and you just grow so close to them. The counselors play a big impact on why I feel accepted at camp and keep going back. You create bonds with the counselors and cry on their shoulder when you get homesick. The best feeling in the world is seeing a camp friend or camp could you have not seen in a while and running up to them and giving them the biggest hug ever. I constantly go back to camp each year because I can't imagine my life without it. It has brought me so many life lessons I will never forget and honestly every summer it's the one event that makes my year and is what I look forward to all year. Camp is a place where I know I'm loved, cared for and accepted.

Some of my camp counclers from this summer
Izzy! My favorite councler
Some of my best friends I've made (1- Mckenna 2- Grace 3-Mattie)

laughing brings you joy

Everyone who has a sibling can agree at one point or another that they can be a pain in the but, but as you get older, you see what a blessing they are and how much they make your life bearable. Me and my brother are both adopted, so we are not blood related. Whenever someone asks, “Is he your real brother?”, I don't know how to respond. It's not like he's my fake brother. This is Max, my 15-year-old brother who I love dearly. Whenever we are on vacation, we seem to get along better, [I don't know if this happens to everyone, or just me\, it shows me how much he makes me laugh. There have been times I have been so discouraged or tired and he can come and make me laugh and bring me joy and completely change my day. I remember when I lived in my old house, I had a friend who was an only child and is constantly felt bad for her and would have hated to be an only child because without Max, my life would be very dull as much as I hate to admit it. Even Though we still fight and bicker I am very much aware he can make me laugh to the point of tears over the stupidest things and it brings me so much joy.

Me and my brother Max
Baby Max and Julia


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