Who I Really Am and why I do what I do

My "Job"

I work as a software developer, I usually like to say I am a software engineer, even though I don't have any official paper stating it, I don't care.

I wouldn't say I work, most of the time I enjoy it, but people keep telling me that is a work, so yes I work, full time job.

So Many Hobbies

I love playing video games, I used playing many hours a day, it is my happy moment, that time when you feel like you are awake and you are that 'being' that you always wanted to be.

I have also a boat

I do Sport!

I like sport, I used doing windsurf, alone with the nature, the wind the only sound in your ears, feeling the adrenaline in your body that only this kind of sport can give you.

No It's not me...

I am an astronomer!

I do astronomy as well, I have several telescopes, I like doing astrophotography even though this online dictionary doesn't know this word. Sadly living in a metropolis doesn't help at all.

I am a filmmaker!

I do videos, I am a filmmaker, yes indeed. And when I will grow up I will make a living making these little boring but emotional videos, and you can't really say otherwise since I decide what I want to do.


I am a photographer

I take photos of flowers, yes those boring photos that anyone can do ok?

I like taking photos when I don't make videos

I am in love!

I have a girlfriend, I never thought to be able to say it, and soon I will have a wife, if everything will work out well.

No Friends and I don't care!

I am way too emotional, I can't stand many things in this world, I don't like wasting my time, I don't like making tons of friends, just because the society said that you should have lots of friends, and the only thing you should do, other than working, is staying in a restaurant with all your friends drinking and talking about your empty life and then go to another restaurant and do the same things again.


I am Italian, proud of it, beautiful country, wonderful summer, I miss the sea.


Say again the word 'Money'!

Fuck the money.

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