The Great Wall of China By:Jose barajas

The Great wall of China was built in (C.259-210 B.C) and later finished in (1368-1644). The wall was mainly to prevent others from invading but it didn't really work.

Who built the Great Wall of China. The Wall was mostly built by these people on the picture and it is be leaved that as many as 400,000 of them died while constructing the wall and were also buried within the walls.

The wall is 5,500.3 miles long but its believe that its longer than that but if you were to want to walk all of it,it would take dedication because many that have tried failed because through out there journey they questioned them selves if they were worthy of them self to keep on going.

The Great wall of China is very famous around the world and it attracts many tourist

Many people dont really understand why the great wall of China was built its just seen as something they can visit but dont give credit to those that built it.The wall was once called the longest cemetery because of how many people died while building it.

Even though the people that had to work hard did it because they had to,they also did it because they wanted to protect there country and for that reason they didn't give up on something that they believed was impossible.The wall was not connected at some point but its thanks to the people that we people in today's world get to enjoy something that caused a lot of lives to accomplish.

In other words what I'm trying to say is that not to take everything for granted because it was something hard for others to do and appreciate everything even if is as small as an aunt or as big as the GREAT WALL OF CHINA,

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