Field Trip Michael Giovanni 9.3

On February 25, 2017, I went on a field trip to Bursa Efek Indonesia and Museum Bank Indonesia. We start our long journey at Bursa Efek Indonesia to be taught explanations about stock exchange. In Museum Bank Indonesia, we covered and dominated the museums of Bank Nasional Indonesia, Bank Mandiri and Museum Sejarah Indonesia. We also had fun in Kota Tua.

Bursa Efek Indonesia (IDX)

"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." - Warren Buffett -

IDX or Bursa Efek Indonesia was a stock exchange based in Jakarta but then joined together with Surabaya Stock Exchange to form Indonesian Stock Exchange. Here, we learn knowledge about stocks and Indonesian economy where buying and selling stocks are daily activities Indonesian traders do to earn money (business).

Kota Tua/Old Jakarta

a 360 perspective view of the middle point of Kota Tua
multi-color bikes in Kota Tua

Kota Tua or Old Jakarta is a neighbourhood comprising the original downtown area of Jakarta, Indonesia. This place is truly the real and original place during the conquer and domination of the Dutch to the Indonesians. There are over 20 colourful and well-provided bikes that can be used to ride around the area. In the corner of the area, there are several cafe, small markets, and civilians selling small products. There are many tall buildings too including the Indonesian Bank Museum itself.

"Never ever forget about history" - Soekarno -

Museum Bank Indonesia

Museum Bank Indonesia is a museum which provides informations about the role of Bank Indonesia in the history of Indonesia since the Dutch's domination which formed Bank Indonesia in 1953. In this museum, we can see many old and inspiring items and places in the past face to face.

External & Internal of Museum Bank Indonesia
a 360 view of an inner area in Museum Bank Indonesia

In Museum Bank Indonesia, the students were divided into groups that will cover all the museum sections in different time. I learned and enjoyed all the history of Indonesian money, knowing and being able to see all Indonesian moneys from all times and also all the money sarong the world from time to time. All these tiring pain felt was worth it by this mesmerising museum.

Museum Sejarah Indonesia

a perspective from a top
a 360 view of the focal point of the base of Museum Sejarah Indonesia

Museum Sejarah Indonesia is actually a part of Museum Bank Indonesia. In here, we learned to trace Batik lines using a boiling hot wax in a pan above fire. This was a great experience because I can know that Batik came from a hot wax that is painted by hands and I learned to make it myself!

Museum Bank Mandiri

some images taken from Museum Bank Mandiri

Museum Bank Mandiri is an economics museum which is located in the old banking district of Jakarta Old Town in northern Jakarta. It is housed in the former headquarters of Netherlands Trading Society. This museum stores many machines and devices which people at that time used to store and transfer money. One of my favourite areas here is the gold section, I felt very fascinated with where and when the people at that time stored all the important and valuable things in underground dungeons

How Information Technology Helps Financial World

From time to time, technology keeps improving and expanding. This may be a good nor a bad news for people in this world. In positive sides, they can buy and sell easily by just looking at the statistics from mobile phone, gadgets, or television. They also can be up to date easily by just seeing the news and statistics. Basically, business gets easier and easier by time. But in negative sides, they will only keep track on this technology updates and not giving attention on how people in the past had worked extremely in order to gain people freedom like now, they even sacrificed their lives just for people in the future to have freedom in life. Therefore, we need to also put our attention on history too because it is very inspirational and fascinating for knowledge.

"Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master." - Christian lous lange -

What Might Lie In The Future

As time passes, technology will get better and faster. Many effects will happen too. Money may not be in form of papers like now, they can be turned into something better through online. Trading materials and goods will be easier through online connections which can be used in different continents. Timeline of trading from long ago till modern days is barter, gold, and money (paper). And in the future, all these trading system can be replaced into something more modernised and sophisticated.

negative impact on history


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