Do's and Do-Not's By Elisabeth Bush

Outfit for Formal Interview Attire and Why-

Formal Interview Attire

For a formal interview, girls are encouraged to wear knee-length conservative dresses and/or skirt suits (preferably in a dark color), which would include a knee-length skirt, tailored jacket, and a solid-or subtle patterned- blouse.

They are also encouraged to wear pant suits (also preferably in a dark color), which would include tailored pants, a tailored jacket, and solid-or subtle patterned-blouse.

I used the dark dress as vertical lines to help me appear taller, and the nude heels to help draw attention away from my legs, and more towards the dress and my form.

I picked a black blazer to give it a nicer, more professional look, and a dark blue dress to still make it look classy and modern. The nude heels I picked to help accentuate the dress, and make it stand out.

Outfit for Casual Interview Attire and Why-

Casual Interview Attire

For a casual interview, girls are encouraged to wear a conservative dress, or a blouse-or sweater- with a skirt or dark pants.

I used the dark pants to help my form and shape appear taller, and I used the cardigan to compliment the shoes and light blue shirt that I wore.

I picked dark, black pants to help me appear taller, and still give it a classy look, while I used the light blue shirt to give the outfit some color and softness.

Outfit to Never Wear to Any Interview and Why-

Never to an Interview Attire

This is an outfit that one would be encouraged to never wear to an interview. The black shirt is one you should sooner wear to a basketball game than an interview, and it has no form or shape whatsoever. The basketball shorts simply state that you didn't really even care enough to put on a pair of jeans this morning.

The shoes, also, imply that you didn't put much, if any, thought into this outfit, and is one better fit for a lazy Saturday than an early-morning Monday Interview.

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