Reducing risks in the clinical development of inhaled products Pulmotree Medical GmbH

Drug delivery by inhalation devices often is associated with numerous unknown factors affecting the drug deposition and clinical study outcomes in a detrimental way.

To provide a safer outcome for clinical studies, reliable data on the patient's adherence and inhalation maneuver is needed.

Unknown influential factors such as the exact drug deposition of the individual patient must be determined to understand the clinical data.

Because only by understanding whether the patient has inhaled correctly can clinical studies exclude unfavorable results due to suboptimal drug deposition.

The Kolibri Nebulizer Platform provides data not only on the patient's adherence but also on the overall inhalation maneuver which supports the evaluation of clinical data.

The Kolibri Mesh-Nebulizer allows an automatic and controlled support for the therapy. It transfers data on the inhalation technique and patient adherence to the secured Pulmotree Connect Cloud.

The Pulmotree Connect Cloud transfers the patient data to the Pulmotree Connect interface for clinical study sponsors, CROs and physicians. It provides all relevant inhalation data compressed to the essentials.

This enables a qualitative evaluation of each individual inhalation made by the study participant, which in turn improves the interpretability of the study results.

Study centers will now have access to meaningful data that will significantly contribute to the evaluation of their study results and minimize the risks of clinical trials.

To learn more about the Kolibri Nebulizer Platform and the Pulmotree Connect interface for physicians and clinical studies, please contact Pulmotree (partnering@pulmotree.com), visit us on our website pulmotree.com or get in touch via our contact form.


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