SS Chapter 8 Section 5 Adobe Slate By:weston lundell

1. Leaders from 27 nations gathered in Paris, France in January 1919 for the goal of accomplishing peace.

2. President Woodrow Wilson arrives in Paris to cheering crowds.

3. Europeans looked to Wilson to help build a better postwar world.

4. The fighting of the First World War cost France, Russia, Germany, and Austria Hungary each between 1 million and 2 million lives.

5. Even more suffered injuries from the world war

Picture from WW1

6. Around this time a worldwide influenza broke out and was taking millions of lives

7. Woodrow Wilson was optimistic even in the midst of all this hardship.

8. Woodrow Wilson made 14 points to accomplish peace between all nations and which meant adjusting some borders in Europe.

9. These points reflected wilson's belief in national self-determination- the right of people to decide how they should be governed.

10. President Wilson supported free trade and freedom of the seas and an end to secret treaties or agreements among nations.


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