Librarians Hold the keys to Books

Depending on the size of the library a librarians duties include selecting, developing, cataloging, and classifying library information. Librarians also answer readers questions, manage staff, be a specialist in computers, and help in training and recruitment.

To become a librarian in most cases you need to have a masters degree. You can get a masters degree pretty much at any collage.

The average salary for a librarian is about $27.00

For librarians with a higher degree there are more positions that they can advance to. There are many types of librarians, like school librarians, college and university librarians, medical librarians, and many more. You can start out as a librarians assistant or something like that and from there you can advance to a higher position that holds more opportunities.

The future for librarians does not look very bright. In ten years or less we probably won't need them any more. As technology advances, people don't have to go to library's to get books. With the click of a button you can buy or borrow books. Now we have apps that will probably take over librarians jobs.

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