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CI Group have a six-strong agency roster all delivering expertise in their field. Together we offer the capabilities of a full-service agency; providing our clients​ with flexible resource for a changing world.

Our 25 years of event expertise has recently been put to the test and to answer some of those challenges we've expanded our capability.

Based in Oxfordshire headquarters we now host a genuinely best in class, in-house studio, control room and production team for virtual, hybrid and live event experiences. All in a covid-free space supported by our Liber test & trace app where appropriate.

Below are some of the integrated services we can now offer. If you have a challenge to meet the communication demands of lockdown, let's talk, we're open for business.

Studio Space

Corporate Innovations now have a dedicated studio space for better event productions. With a 9x4m greenscreen to enable large virtual events, we can produce your content in a covid-safe environment.

Our green screen studio options are brilliant for creating content that makes you stand out from the crowd, and keeping your communications flowing with limited travel or business impact.

We film your content with a green background and then design a bespoke backdrop to wow your attendees. The allows for endless flexibility on creative visualisation (sets, backdrops, environments, interactive graphic presentations etc.).

To ensure maximum guest safety all staff on-site are tested and verified Covid-free as we remain open to fulfil your needs.

A Health Passport for events. Rapid test, trace and verification in your hands.

At Liber we believe good things happen when people get together. Events & business gatherings are a key benchmark in our return to normal.

From the largest music venue to a series of select high-value networking events – we’re making sure you can meet sooner while ensuring your wellness and safety is front of mind.

How? The Liber Health Passport application brings together self-certification, screening, rapid tests and contact tracing technology to enable your safe contact with peers.

We have created a platform that allows you, and the technology you connect with, to help ensure a Covid-free space, making experiences safe for all to enjoy.

Virtual Event Platform

Our virtual events platform allows you to host online conferences, exhibitions & more. At CI.Diginut we’ve built a better platform to connect your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors with chat tools, live webinars and digital content.

You can quickly and easily:

  • Engage large audiences simultaneously
  • Measure impact of your comms
  • Be mobile-friendly & accessible
  • Manage real-time customer support

We can work with existing broadcast signals, Teams, Zoom, Vimeo and third-party platforms, or provide one for you with our dedicated production arm. Our platform is flexible around your event needs.

Film and Edit

Better videos are a powerful way to tell your brand’s story, to showcase your product or service, and to engage with your target audience.

At Roundtable Agency we’re passionate about producing compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging brand storytelling that can make your business come to life.

  • Testimonial and case study videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Product videos
  • Internal newsletters/announcement videos
  • Company profile videos
  • Interview filming
  • Drone footage
  • Event videos
  • Behind the scenes material
  • Social media videos

We have a library of video executions we can share with you to inspire your communications plan.

Comms Strategy

An essential consideration for any comms plan is the strategy behind it, who do you want to reach and what is the end goal, what does success really look like? Powered by industry insights, we help you shape what you want to achieve, and work with you to find the best solution. There are no boundaries and often no single answer. We use one or many of our people & products to ensure your comms reach and engage your audience.

We help clients define strategies to transform their business, often creating new value on the journey.

Our team can help you create a more purposeful plan, develop and incubate ideas and routes to market, or even set up bespoke comms programmes to execute against the most challenging goals.


Better pictures make better creative. With years of photography experience, Ellipsis know how to cater our photography to different situations to deliver the best results. Whether it’s at an event, in your facility or in our studio, we can provide our photography services to you including Art & Creative Direction on-site.

This may include:

  • Events
  • Products
  • Headshots
  • Behind the scenes
  • Corporate
  • Drone

Script and Storyboarding

Telling a powerful story can help any comms plan. It’s a skill that can help your message better resonate with an audience. From a very rough sketch to detailed visuals, storyboarding allows everyone to picture the same final result.

We have great experience planning stories for some of the biggest brands in the world. Bringing that story to life with high-quality execution is vitally important and a good storyboard helps our clients find that magical mix of information, education and entertainment.

Let us show you how.

Creative and Presentation

From audiovisual kit and technicians to branding, signage & content, we want to make sure that your customers have the best, most memorable experience.

We provide:

  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Camera
  • Live streaming video & projection staging
  • Stage sets
  • Draping
  • Power distribution& cabling
  • Presentation content

Data Visualisation

In the world of big data, visualisation tools and techniques are essential for absorbing massive amounts of information and making swift decisions. At Pearl Analytics we know culture is visual, everything from art and advertisements to TV and film, our eyes are drawn to colours and patterns. Our interaction with data reflects this reality to provide better insights.

Data visualisation is a form of visual art that grabs our interest and keeps our eyes on the message. When we see a chart, we quickly see trends and patterns.

If we can see something, we internalise it quickly. If you’ve ever stared at a massive spreadsheet of data and couldn’t see a trend, you know how much more effective a visualisation can be!

Talent Management

Every brand story can be more impactful with the right talent. Spotting and elevating talented presenters, influencers and creators is something we thrive on at Clareville PR. We find better people who have a unique ability to inspire on your behalf.

We align talent commercially with some of the most recognisable brands in the world, building comms plans that reach their target audience every time. Our strategic approach maintains long-term relationships for clients and talent alike.

Have a guest speaker challenge? Or need a brand advocate for social media? Our talent network can help represent your communications with the right level of authority and credibility.

We bring together a unique combination of specialist skills to create outstanding campaigns, backed by the power of data and insight.

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