Snow Days By: Lilly Primachenko


Who doesn't like snow? I think everyone does and it brings joy to our city here in Vancouver, WA. This is why I chose this as my theme. You can do quite a bit during a snow day and even if you are stuck at home, you won't get bored; cause your family is all at home and you get to watch movies with your family, drink hot chocolate, tell stories or play games. And if you go outside, you can go sledding with your family or friends, build snowmen, play snowball fights or just be outside and enjoy the winter wonderland. So I decided to take a few pictures showing some of those moments, including nature pictures with snow which really fascinates me.

This year we got quite a bit of snow; about a foot, maybe more. It rarely snows here in Vancouver so it was amazing for all of us. Anyhow; it snowed so much that it really looked like a winter wonderland, so this is why I chose this theme; cause I could enjoy the theme itself and taking the pictures of the theme. I hope you, readers will enjoy the pictures of the wonderful snow days we had, like we did.

Leading lines
Fill the frame
Rule of thirds,
Story starter
Diagonal lines
Minimalism, Action shot
Rule of thirds
Vertical lines
Story starter
Black and White
Story starter, Action shot

Here are some extra photos I took:


My name is Lilly Primachenko. I’m 14 years old and was born on May 12th, 2002; in Vancouver, WA. I am currently attending Henrietta Lacks & Bioscience High School. Me and my parents lived in Portland after I was born, for 2 years. Then we moved to Vancouver. My dad built both of our houses, including the one we live in currently. I am the oldest of my siblings; two sisters and two brothers. Family is important to me, so I spend most of my time with family and close friends. From a young age, I have been creative and full of new ideas. I enjoy doing many outside things such as; camping, skiing, tubing, and hanging out with friends anywhere. Also, my passion is playing piano and singing cause I've been doing that since I just started talking. My dream job is to become a nurse for newborns; that’s why I decided to attend this medical school. Currently I'm taking a photography class so I could get better at photography. Honestly, photography is not my passion, but I do enjoy it once in a while and I took the class to get better at it and to just earn a credit for art. But I do love looking at pictures. Although, this photography class taught me that anyone can be a photographer even if they have no background information or skill.

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