Christmas in Norway By: Kaitlyn Le

Christmas in Norway differs from America significantly. Why? There are many traditions that differs from America, and some of them is a little similar to America's.

Santa Claus

Santa is actually called Julneissien, and he sometimes give gifts because there are also small gnomes called Nisse that delivers presents. In exchange the citizens of Norway give a sheaf of wheat, or a rice porridge to the Nisse in order to let them protect the farm animals.

Santa Claus a.k.a Julneissien

A Famous Custom

One of the most famous customs is that Norway gives a present to the UK, because the citizens of the UK helped the Norwegians from World War 2. Also, children in Norway go carol singing and dress up as characters from The Christmas Story. Their way of saying "Merry Christmas," is "God Jul" and "Gledelig Jul." Also, a very popular song is sang in the Christmas period is called "The Mouse Song."

Norwegian Cuisine in the Holidays

Many cakes and biscuits are devoured not by grinches, but very merry citizens. They have so much delicious food called the julekake, Norwegian hole cake, rice porridge, and much more. Julekake is a special bread that has raisins, candied peel, cardamom. Norwegian hole cake is cake that is paired with more desserts. Also, the rice porridge is usually eaten with a topping, such as cinnamon. The main meal, however, is usually pork or mutton ribs with surkal, which is basically cabbage.


Finally, the Christmas Tree

They decorate their trees with something we're not familiar with, and that is Julekurver, which is small, paper baskets that are shaped as a heart. Even though Christmas wasn't celebrated until the 1000s, 1016 years later, the Christmas customs have been shaped to beautiful and fun ones.

Differences and Similarities With America

Norway and America has some traditions similar to each other. Examples are: Santa Claus, special goodies, Christmas trees, and presents. But Norway is more comparable, because they call Santa and baked goods different names, give presents to different countries because of hospitality a long time ago, and more. But, otherwise, celebrate Christmas the way they, he, her, or even YOU do it.


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