The chapter was mostly about why are your running. It was also about Gards. We're telling them to stop. They said why are you running.

Chapter 2 this part of the story was about the daughter telling her dad about what would happen if they go agents Germany.

Chapter 3 was about talking about were was Mrs. Hirsch and there shop. And they were taking about the Jews.

Chapter 4 there mom was shopping and they said it would be a long night. And that they had nazi were going to the Jews houses.

The Jews were going to go some place and they had to hide them and they were talking what they would do if they came to the house. They said that they were scared.

They wanted to go fishing. they said that h always goes when ever it rains or is nice out side. He was just doing it because there were nazis in there house.

They were talking about a different land and they were fitting apples to make apple sauce.

She wondered what it would be like to stay on a boat overnight. and they are going to a funeral. She didn't now who died. But it was here aunt.

The main idea was that she was scared when she got stoped by the corner by the same guy. she was talking about when the guy closed his eyes and as if he was praying.

The scientists think that up to 1 million people died while building the wall. The person who died they said she might still have the disease.

They said when will we see again Peter. Peter left. They were sad that peter left. Henrck was going to take them in the boat. Peter must give the pack it to miss Rosen. Peter is takeoff a group across the harbor. He will take a old man and the young people with the baby. The people were wearing big coats for the boat ride. Annemarie were frighten of how the people were.

She was walking with her dogs when she went around the block. The took coats out of the casket. She was scared that Ellen wasn't coming back because she was on a boat. They closed the casket and lifted the candles and they gave all the close with the resens.

She found something that somewon dropped. and showed it to her mom. and she didn't tell her what it was. They said Annemarie smiled felling her way through the dark remembering how Kirsti always interrupted stories to ask questions. She reached for Annemarie arm. You should have seen me Annemarie she said shaking her head with a wry look.

She saw the bushes. move and she went to see what it was and it was solders with dogs and guns. Village it was the way they had come from the train. and the way mama had walked to school as a girl. But Annemarie turned to the right heading now toward the harbor side where the fishing boats lay at anchor.

She didn't know what was in it. she said that he mom would be mad if u make me late. And that was somewons lunch.rhe soldiers were looking around their eyes glanced behind her and scanned the bushes on either side. One soldier stepped forward.

Know About this Annemarie. he said with a serious look. We were all very very worried. We thought it meant the end of the escape to Sweden by boat. Now thanks to peter we will each have such a handkerchief each boat captain.

Somewon died in a prison a dress was disapiring she opened her hand and showed him the necklace. From the military car they saw her running and simply ran her down. Now remembering Lisa Annemarie looked from the balcony. But evening mrs johansens face was wet with tears

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