Shark Finning Macey Paradiso

What is Shark Finning?

Shark Finning is the traditional practice of cutting off fins of a shark to show status within the Chinese culture. Humans kill approximately 100 million sharks every year just for their fins. The least amount the shark fins will be sold for is $100 per pound.

What are Shark Fins used for?

Shark fins are primarily for Shark Fin Soup and Dumplings. But there is a few other products that use Shark Fins such as cosmetics, supplements, leather, steaks and fillets, shark souvenirs, pet products, and imitations of crab, shrimp, and lobster.


Many issues pop up that aren't addressed about Shark Finning. Such as there isn't enough sharks to eat the prey fish; too many fish that like to eat algae, so algae can go extinct and algae produces 70% of our oxygen. Also, there is too many predators eating smaller ones to extinction causing a domino effect on the marine food chain.

Is there an alternative?

There is a couple alternatives to using Shark Fins. There is Faux Shark Fin and Sea Cucumber that are very commonly used as an alternative. Sea Cucumber has the same texture but also is cheaper, easier to prepare, and it doesn't have a foul smell like Shark Fins do.

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