Fresh water pollution By Ella harrison and paul link

People are affecting aquatic ecosystems by drawing too much water and introducing toxic substances into ground water

Pollution can come from point scourges such as a factory or sewer pipe

Pollution can also come from no point sources such as farms, city streets, and neighborhoods

Toxic chemicals pollute the water

Can come from pesticides, synthetic chemicals, petroleum

Can damage organism health and can be a carcinogen

Pathogens contaminate the water when infected with human waste. It can cause giradias, typhoid and hepatitis A

Estimated 20m people get sick because of dirty drinking water in the US per year

Excess of nutrients causes eutrophication. Algae covers the water and organisms are deprived of sunlight. Low DO levels

When water is polluted by biodegradable waste it decreases DO levels

Sediments are carried into water streams by runoff caused by clear cutting, mining and cultivating farm crops

Most pollution control focuses on surface water rather than ground water because it is easier to spot

Legislative efforts: federal water pollution control act of 1972 made it illegal to discharge pollution from a point scourge without a permit

We treat our drinking water with chemicals to remove particles. We also pass it through filters such as sand and gravel

We treat our waste water using septic systems


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