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Neurocise® Practitioner Certification - Tampa, FL Trainer: Elvis Lester at ExecuLearn® Studios Training Dates: September 15-17 & October 20-22, 2017

Call to Register Now: 813-221-5466

NEUROCISE®: A mind-brain-body intervention to… “Taking Clients Literally” & Updating Models of the World MindFirst.

As a “healing arts professional”:

• How do you decide what intervention to utilize or do with a client?

• What influences your choice as to the technics (system or systematic) or therapeutic approach you take to address a client’s so-called “problems” or issues they bring forth in therapeutic encounters?

• When the client tells or shares with us their “story” & puts into words, phrases, sentences, language what they are experiencing do you take them “literally” & go about shifting or changing the very strategies involved or the structure of reality-making they possess or “brain states’ responsible for the impact or effect they are experiencing?

• What are prerequisite & essential skills required to work with the client’s “brain-body-being-behavior” providing a more wholistic & brain-based approach that meets them at their “model of the world” & updates who they are & how they behave & perform from the inside out?

These are just some of the questions we will begin to answer with the Neurocise® 6-Day workshop with Elvis Lester, MA, LMHC, NCC, MAC, ACMHT. Elvis will enthusiastically introduce you to neuro-linguistic, neuro-evaluational & neurophysiological (mind-brain-body) processes you (& your clients) have been doing “unconsciously” most all your life (just outside conscious awareness) leading to the make-up of the very issues & solutions & profound states you have experienced in your life. Through practical demonstrations, exercises & poignant presentations to “explain & train your brain”, Elvis will help you to identify solution states & strategies to mental-emotional issues & their subsequent physio-energetic impacts & trance experiences.

In this workshop, you will be experiencing guided trance & participate in experiential exercises. You will leave with a powerful system to gain more mental & emotional state control & run your brain with more elegance & mastery of your own internal processes & representations. These advanced skills & abilities will become essential tools to support you in transforming the way you & your clients sense & perceive & evolve how they think & feel mentally, emotionally & physically.

In this certification training you will learn how to:

• Detect internal processes involved in the creation & construction of internal representations responsible for the formation & dynamic modeling of states (internal) & strategies leading to so-called mental health issues & “problems”.

• Experience personal changework of mental-emotional states “reading-resolving-releasing-responding” in more productive ways – “thinking” (creating), feeling & doing vs. remembering past negative experiences (recalling) & “stuck states”.

• Utilize quintessential Eye Accessing & Eye Movement (Scanning) Patterns & original NLP eye accessing cues to uncover detailed sensory-based (visual-auditory-kinesthetic, etc.) modalities & submodalities (features & distinctions) & begin to learn how use Eye Movement & Eye Positions to work “literally” & more elegantly with the very fabric & make-up of thought-forms responsible for the creation & re-collection of both non-productive & productive “brain states”.

• Induce powerful & pleasurable mental-emotional-physical states that allow access to creative & generative processes for healing (making whole) previous addictive programming (“out-of-control” & ill-formed conditions).

• Use the power of transformational language to lead clients into more optimal & maximal learning experiences (Neurocise) to complete & repeat the learnings they require to resolve the very “mental-emotional issues” for which they seek assistance.

Our premise: We literally create & construct our Emotions!

NeuroPointing™: Guided Eye Movement Strategies (GEMS) for Personal Transformation. With NeuroPointing™ & EMERGE™ (Eye Movement Emergence Reemergence & Guided Expression) you use eyepoints & eye movements to cue & anchor (& collapse) internal representations (visual-auditory-kinesthetic) & transform the way clients express themselves almost instantaneously. With eye accessing & movement as well as eye scanning, clients provide highly valuable information about representations involved in their memories & their unique recall of events or experiences. By identifying the "submodality locations" of the representation (held in mind/brain & projected with Eye Accessing & Movement) we can work with the very structure of the representation to discover & uncover worthwhile information about how this “see-hear-feel” impacts & influences the person (mind-brain-body creations). Once we have addressed the neuropoints involved (read-resolved-released its signal value), resolution is expected & issues will likely release naturally, neurally integrating positively. This allows us to clear these "neuropoints" (& eyepoints) that clients have developed or that have become problematic or led to so-called “problems or issues" that have previously been negatively emotionalized (so-called "traumatic experience/events/memories).

NeuroPointing™ Learning Objectives

Participant will be able to:

  • Demonstrate ability to work with Visual processes & enhance Visual & Sensory Acuity Skills.
  • Identify Preferred & Dominant Sensory Channels involved in a representation/memory.
  • Demonstrate ability to use the Visual Field to work directly with the very elements of representations (Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic Sensory Modalities & Submodality Features).
  • Demonstrate ability to engage sensory structures successfully in your work with Traumatic Memories & Post-Traumatic Stress to effect desired change.
  • Identify Eye Movement Patterns & Eye Accessing Cues involved in representations & learn how to utilize these cues, movements & patterns to change representations, minimize negative or limiting features & optimize & maximize pleasant features.
  • Identify Eye Movement Patterns & Eye Accessing Cues involved in representations & learn how to utilize these cues, movements & patterns to change representations, minimize negative or limiting features & optimize & maximize pleasant features.
  • Use Bilateral Eye Accessing Movement (Exercises) to work with past (reconstructed) representations (memories) & future (created) imaginal representations to set goals & insert & seed resources into future situations.
  • Demonstrate ability to work with Disassociation & Association & Chunking more positively, intentionally & precisely & The Power of Perceptual Patterning.
  • Demonstrate ability to work with Disassociation & Association & Chunking more positively, intentionally & precisely & The Power of Perceptual Patterning.
  • Demonstrate ability to work with Chunking for Positive & Negative Features can be used in your work detailing distinctively with clients to direct expression leading to integration/disintegration of responses.
  • Access memories & reference experiences & work with them to “read, resolve & release information” in well-formed ways, generating desired responses.
  • Demonstrate ability to collapse non-productive states & do integrative anchoring of a resource state.
  • Demonstrate ability to “Insert Resources into a past experience” (Timeline), updating memories with required resources adding new learnings.

Join Elvis Lester at the Neurocise® 6-Day Workshop & learn how you can take your skills to the next level & work even more directly with the very “elements of excellence” involved in not only loosening old & outdated “realities” & stuck states our clients so often experience but also evolve their mental-emotional & behavioral performance strategies (modeling) in the first place.

Personal Message From Elvis Lester: You’re invited to join me at this exciting event & begin to learn these cutting-edge tools to work with "traumatic events & experiences" & quickly transform anxiety-provoking & depressive states into empowering ones & turn unpleasant states into pleasant ones. Come learn about how you can utilize tried & proven eye movement patterning & eye scanning techniques to make lasting & profound changes perceptually, conceptually & emotionally. Here we will work directly with how you & your clients access information & memories & how you actually create & construct representations internally through your sensory channels (VAKOG).

Call (813) 221-5466 to make your reservation and register for the program.

Cost: $1600

Location: ExecuLearn® Studios – Tampa, Florida (Ybor City)

Approved Training by: Earn 40 CEUs – Division of Medical Quality Assurance – State of FL CEU Provider #BAP289 – CE Broker #50-1190 – Exp. 3/31/2019. This course meets the standards for approval of continuing education courses set forth in Rule 64B4-6.002, F.A.C, & is taught by qualified teacher of hypnosis as defined in Rule 64B4-7.003.

Teaching Methods: Presentation, Demonstration, Supervised Practice/Exercises by Instructor; Debriefing, Discussion, Review of Exercises & Question & Answer Sessions as needed, Applications of Skills/Techniques, Closed-Eye Induction & Handout.

Elvis Lester, MA, LMHC, NCC, MAC, NBCFCH, ACHMT - Qualified Teacher of Hypnosis

Your Trainer: Elvis Lester, MA, LMHC, NCC, MAC, NBCFCH, ACHMT, President/Founder of ExecuLearn®, a learning & performance company providing personal & professional development, modeling, training, coaching & counseling (psychotherapy & hypnotherapy) services & continuing education for maximum achievement to LMHCs, LMFTs, LSCWs, Nurses & Psychologists in the State of Florida. Elvis is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Master Addictions Counselor, Qualified Supervisor, Qualified Teacher of Hypnosis (DOH/MQA/491) & Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ & Hypnosis & Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Master Trainer. Elvis earned his Master of Arts in Counseling (University of South Florida) & Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (University of FL).

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